Frequently Asked Questions #3: What is the Standard Throat/Bore Size in a Bob Reeves Mouthpiece?

Many players believe that all mouthpieces come with “standard” #27 drill bit size bores (or throats). Though many manufacturers still use the #27 throat as a “standard” there are many others that have begun to make variations in their “standard” designs.

So, what is the standard throat size on a Bob Reeve Mouthpiece?

The short answer: it depends.

The Long Answer:

When Bob started his business in 1968, he had no intentions of ever making a “standard” series of mouthpieces. He wanted to work with players one-on-one to find a truly custom fit that each player really needs, and he still does that to this day. But, as he worked with more and more players, he developed what has become his “standard” series of mouthpieces. Each Bob Reeves mouthpiece is balanced to play evenly from low to high and over all dynamics.  The throat size that Bob has chosen varies from cup to cup, rim to rim, and backbore to backbore. You would have to ask about a specific mouthpiece for us to tell you what throat it comes with standard.

If you have any questions you would like to see answered in this series, email them to and it might be featured in a future blog post!


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