The Better Plastic Trumpet Mouthpiece

Trumpet Playing in Cold Weather

Winter’s just around the corner and we’re getting flooded with emails from musicians who have to play outside in the bitter cold. Whether it’s for marching band at finals or caroling at an outdoor Christmas tree lighting, trumpet players are called on to play in all sorts of weather conditions. Here at Bob Reeves Brass, we have the answer to playing in the frigid cold: the Better Plastic Trumpet Mouthpiece.

The Better Plastic Trumpet Mouthpiece by Bob Reeves Brass

The Better Plastic Trumpet Mouthpiece by Bob Reeves Brass

The Better Plastic Trumpet Mouthpiece

The Better Plastic Trumpet Mouthpiece uses a Delrin plastic rim on a traditional brass underpart. The plastic rim is easier to play in cold weather because it does not get as cold as brass and provides more grip. The traditional brass underpart keeps the integrity of the sound and playing characteristics of the trumpet mouthpiece.

Any of our trumpet mouthpieces can be made with a white or black Delrin plastic rim. Just specify that when you order. If you already have a Reeves mouthpiece you can order the rim by itself to screw onto your existing underpart.

3C and 1.5C Plastic Mouthpieces

If you want to convert your 3C or 1.5C trumpet mouthpiece to have a plastic rim, just send us your mouthpiece and we can thread the bottom underpart and build a plastic rim to it. Contact us for more details.


7 Responses to “The Better Plastic Trumpet Mouthpiece”

  1. Do you have trombone mouthpieces as well?


  3. I couldn’t find the option to order the rim on your website. Please inform

    • Hi Stefan, Thanks for your message. To order a plastic rim on the website, just specify in the comments section during checkout that you want a white or black plastic rim. If you have more questions, send us an email to and we’ll be happy to help.

  4. Hi Stefan,

    On your shopping cart’s page there is a box labeled Ordering Instructions. You can specify in that box that you want a plastic rim and in which color, black or white. Hope that helps!

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