Bob Reeves Sleeves: Now Available in Custom and 1/4 Sizes!

Ming the Gap with Reeves SleevesFirst patented in 1974, the Bob Reeves Sleeve System is now more precise than ever with the introduction of 1/4 Size and Custom Sleeves

1/4 Size Sleeves

Improvements in our machining processes have allowed us to release Reeves Sleeves in 1/4 sizes. You can now adjust the gap in 1/64″ (.0156″/.396 mm) increments. Previously, sleeves were limited to 1/2 sizes only, which changed the gap by 1/32″ (.031″/.794mm). Quarter-size sleeves will be available for sale starting on June 1st. We will have a selection of quarter sizes at our booth at the upcoming ITG Conference.

Custom Sleeves

When Bob Reeves first studied the trumpet mouthpiece gap, he discovered that some players can feel an .008″ difference in the gap. Previously, this minute gap adjustment was only possible with an expensive and inconvenient adjustable-gap receiver fitted to your trumpet. Starting June 1st, Bob Reeves Brass can adjust the gap for the discerning trumpet player by as little as .008″ with a Custom Reeves Sleeve. Contact us for more details.

Bob Reeves Sleeves SystemFor more information on Reeves Sleeves and gap adjustment, you can read more on our blog and web site:

Bob Reeves Sleeve System on

History of the Mouthpiece Gap Part I

History of the Mouthpiece Gap Part II

The Paper Trick


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