Visit from the In the Mood Trumpet Section

The other day we had the pleasure of a visit from another traveling show. The trumpet section (plus a patient trombone and sax player) from the In the Mood show stopped by our shop in between their tour dates for alignments and mouthpiece consultation. The trumpet section consists of Dan Smith (lead), Bob Garrett, and William Moore and they can really light it up!

The In the Mood show is a 1940s music review, presenting authentic arrangements and playing with that 1940s sound that is so familiar to us all. Check out this sample from their 2nd trumpet Bob Garrett’s youtube page. It doesn’t get more 40s than this!

Check out the show if it stops by a town near you!


2 Responses to “Visit from the In the Mood Trumpet Section”

  1. Hi guys!
    Thanks so much for the fantastic work! Of course you can believe it has taken me a month since I have seen you to settle into my “new” horn. We have three more weeks out here…thank goodness for redemption 🙂
    I never knew how hard I was having to work at compensating in both the low and high registers!
    Oh, btw, I’m not really the lead player in the section. Dan Smith is. Our producer tortures my other section mate William Moore and myself by having to cover some lead here and there by mere fact that the three of us are really covering four books. 🙂 yes, that was my shameless plug for my seriously bad fellow trumpeters!
    Looking forward to seeing you all again next time in LA!

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for checking in…sorry it took us a month to get the post up! What a section you guys have. I’ve updated it to give Bill and Dan credit too. Didn’t mean to leave them out.

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