Reeves Customers Around the World: Greece

There is a small but thriving community of commercial trumpet players in Greece and they all play Bob Reeves & Purviance mouthpieces. Here’s a photo that they sent to us from backstage at a concert with trumpet player Bobby Shew. Thanks guys for sending us the photo. I hope we can visit soon!

Bob Reeves Customers in Greece with Bobby Shew.

Bob Reeves Customers (L to R): Manos Theodosakis, Dionisis Kokolis, Vagelis Katsarelis & Yiannis Karayiannakis with Bobby Shew (seated).


One Response to “Reeves Customers Around the World: Greece”

  1. yiannis karayiannakis Says:

    I just saw that you post the picc from the concert and i still dont belive it , all he guys from the section are very exited , this is one of the best gigs we ever have , thanks guys and also thanks for the new 43C with #28 bore , it works perfect with my Lawler.

    Regards Yiannis

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