From The Archives: Hollywood Studio Trumpet Legends

Hollywood Studio Trumpet Legends - Klein, Triscari, Findley, Audino, Salko, Terran

Back Left Going Clockwise: ?, Manny Klein, Ray Triscari, Chuck Findley, John Audino, Bob Reeves, Tony Terran, Jimmy Salko.


5 Responses to “From The Archives: Hollywood Studio Trumpet Legends”

  1. yiannis karayiannakis Says:

    WOW , some of the bigest trumpet stars of the Hollywood scene and my favorite player J.Audino , thanks for the post Bob , please add some more and maby some “storys” from that era.
    Regards from Greece Yiannis

    • Hi Yiannis, Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. I have lots of stories about John Audino and I’ll try to put down as many as I can. Also have some more pictures that my guys are scanning in. – Bob

  2. Joe Triscari Says:

    Hi Bob…Love the pictures..I love to here the stories…Do you have any stories of my uncle Ray Triscari?
    Just curious…Have a good day!
    Joe Triscari

    • Pete Polley Says:

      I knew Ray Triscari long after he left the music scene. He was living in Arizona at the time, and was a neighbor. We spent a great many hours riding horses together, and he would often share stories of his time touring the world, and working in Hollywood.

      He was a great man with an easy-going attitude. I miss him dearly, even 16 years after his passing. God doesn’t make them like Ray, anymore.

  3. Michael Manthey Says:

    Bob … Love seeing the pictures and hearing/reading what you have to say. Keep the stories coming!

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