Doc Severinsen Video from 1977

We just ran across this video of Doc on The Jack Jones show in 1977. We have this in our video collection but have not had the time to digitize it, so we’re glad someone else has! One could go on and on about this video, but we’d prefer to have Doc’s playing speak for itself (BTW, he’s using the original Zinger mouthpiece on this show).


4 Responses to “Doc Severinsen Video from 1977”

  1. Hi Bob,

    Still loving my 43C mouthpiece! Used it on “West Side Story” in Basel Switzerland and the European Tour of the musical “Grease”. Made my job so much easier!!!! I just wish I had discovered it earlier in my career!

    Speaking of mouthpieces, what’s the Zinger mouthpiece you refer to? I’ve been trying to find out about it with no success. Is it a particular model, or a particular cup design that can be sized to various rims? What does it compare to in terms of your other cup sizes and depths?

    This video is one of my favorites. The way Doc plays on this just completely epitomizes all that I aim for with my playing.

    Best wishes,

    John Mohan

  2. Hi John, Good to hear from you. The Zinger has a 42 rim with a modified S backbore that is a little shallower than our stock S cup. The backbore is similar to our 692s backbore. Take care, Bob

  3. John Mohan Says:

    Thanks for the reply Bob. I miss the old days visiting your shop in Hollywood. I think in many ways I learned as much about trumpet playing from you and the guys that used to come in as I did in formal lessons.

    Is Doc’s Zinger also fitted with a 42 rim or did you match his to his typical 5C size rim? (Just curious, as I can’t play the 5C – I find it to thin for my liking).

    And last question: Can you make a Zinger with a 43 rim?

    Best wishes,


    • Hi John, Yes, Doc’s piece has a stock 42 on it. I’ve made over a hundred pieces for Doc through the years. Many have the 42 rim, but there are also those at the 5C size and some other sizes as well. I can make a Zinger underpart fit to a 43 rim for you if you’d like. – Take care, Bob

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