Welcome the Newest Bob Reeves Brass Dealer – BAC Horn Doctor

We’d like to welcome to the family our newest dealer of Bob Reeves Brass mouthpieces and accessories: BAC Horn Doctor in Olathe, Kansas.

For those of you who think the only things you can find in Kansas are wheat, giant balls of twine, and the Kansas City Royals, you are missing out on the great services that BAC Horn Doctor and its founder Mike Corrigan have to offer to brass musicians.

Mike offers the type of expert knowledge and personal service that is only becoming rarer these days, especially in the musical instrument industry. It is a real pleasure to have him on board with us, and I hope you consider him the next time you need a Bob Reeves mouthpiece or any other brass service.

You can learn more about BAC Horn Doctor from their web site at http://www.drhorn.com.

We have all of the Bob Reeves Brass Dealers listed on our web site who are ready to help serve you!

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2 Responses to “Welcome the Newest Bob Reeves Brass Dealer – BAC Horn Doctor”

  1. Bob, now when Mike is on board you realy have to think about making trombone mouthpieces? and ofcourse bass trombone 😉

    • Hey Marcel, I already have my hands full with trumpet players! Right now we are not set up to make a stock line of trombone pieces, although I do quite a bit of custom work with them (threading, altering, etc.). I still have all of the Purviance Trombone tooling, so it would be nice to reintroduce those at some point. All in good time! – Bob

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